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About Us:

Feather touch is an integrated, sustainable leather tanner and manufacturer in India. Our up-to-date plant and machinery are a part of our commitment to introducing the high quality luxurious, eco-friendly and vintage vegetable tanning process to India at competitive rates. We would like to reassure you that since we are an integrated company, we have complete control over what comes into contact with the product during all phases of manufacturing. Feather touch is devoted to creating high-quality luxury leather products using international standards. We offer the best possible quality of leather at competitive prices and dedicated customer service second to none in the industry.

Customer’s Design Protection:

At Feather Touch India we are totally committed to ensure complete protection of our customer’s design patents and copyrights.


  • Accessible prices, high-quality output.
  • The flexibility and customization of our products allows us to meet your needs exactly.
  • We update and upgrade ourselves constantly with the new trends in the market.